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Summit on Violence and Abuse in Relationships:
Connecting Agendas and Forging New Directions
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American Psychological Association's

Summit on Violence and Abuse in Relationships:
Connecting Agendas and Forging New Directions

February 28 - 29, 2008
Hyatt Regency - Bethesda, MD





Wanda Jones, Dr.P.H. - A View from the Aerie

Jackie McKinney, MSW - Unlocking the Door to Trauma Healing: Intergrating Reseach, Practice  and the Consumer Perspective

David Finkelhor, PhD - Lessons from the Great Interpersonal Violence Decline

Ann Coker, PhD - Measuring and Preventing Intimate Partner Violence:  Connections and Challenges

Mary Koss, PhD -  Interpersonal Violence Agendas: Past and Future

Rodney Hammond, PhD - Ending Violence: CDC's Approach to Prevention

Lisa Goodman, PhD - When Crises Collide:  Exploring the Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence and Persisent Poverty

Oliver Williams, PhD - Addressing Domestic Violence among African Americans

Julia Perilla, PhD - Domestic Violence and Social Justice: Where Does Psychology Fit In?

Judith Alpert, PhD - We Need to Focus on Primary Prevention

Ernestine Briggs-King, PhD - Research on Child Maltreatment:  What We're Learning and Where We're Going

Mark Chaffin, PhD - Implications of the Changing Focus of Child Maltreatment Research and Practice in Psychology

Christine Courtois, PhD - Sexual Violence: Adult Survivors and Complex Trauma

John Foubert, PhD - Programming for Sexual Violence on College Campuses

Angela Rose - A Vision for Survivors

Ernest Jouriles, PhD - Children Living in Families Characterized by Intimate Partner Violence

Sandra Graham-Bermann, PhD - Exploring an Ecological Model of Effects for Children Exposed to
Intimate Partner Violence

Martha Banks, PhD - Violence and Women with Disabilities

Janice Ristock, PhD - Relationship Violence in the Lives of LGBTQ People: Why Context Matters

Oliva Washington, PhD - Heighten Vulnerability: The Intersection of Violence and Homelessness in the Lives
Of Older African American Women

Hortensia de Los Angeles Amaro, PhD - When Culture is not a Protective Factor: Latina Women in Recovery
from Addiction and Trauma

Kenneth Leonard, PhD - The Role of Alcohol and Substance Abuse in the Occurrence of Intimate Partner Violence

Suzanne Wenzel, PhD - Victimization by Intimate Partner Violence in the Lives of Homeless and Impoverished Women

David Wolfe, PhD - What We Know and What We Need to Be Doing in Teen Dating Violence: A Research Perspective

Rose Pulliam, MSW - Dating Violence

Amy Hoch, PsyD - Not Another Useless Pep Talk from Peyton Manning: How Mindfulness Applies to Healthy Relationships

Priscilla Dass-Brailsford, EdD - Resilency in the Aftermath of Community Violence:  A National and International Perspective

Thema Bryant-Davis, PhD - Shattering the Silence: Intimate Partner Abuse and Women of African Descent

Casey Taft, PhD - The Impact of Trauma and PTSD on Military Families



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